Library Services

Library Mission

The mission of the library program is to provide an inviting, dynamic learning environment and services that support and enhance teaching, literacy, and learning.

To support this mission, the library

  • Works in collaboration with teachers, administrators, support staff and parents to provide learning experiences that promote student achievement.
  • Fosters the development of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills and provides experiences that expand and reinforce classroom reading instruction.
  • promotes life-long learning through information literacy instruction that is integrated with classroom content
  • Promotes critical thinking, engagement with information in all of its forms and the use of technology to enhance learning.
  • Contains rich and abundant collections of materials in many formats—both print and electronic—to meet the teaching and learning needs of the academe and reflect diversity and intellectual freedom principles.
  • Communicates library program plans, needs and accomplishments.

Library Vision

To build an environment that responds to its constituents through constructive programs and policies which will enhance the interests of the students in making use of the library and its facilities.


  1. To make the library a place for continuous education.
  2. To train the students the skills in the use of library facilities.
  3. To provide students with the library materials and services most appropriate and meaningful in their growth and development as an individual.
  4. To assist the faculty in the task of carrying out their course syllabi.
  5. To support and supplement the instructional program of the college.
  6. To cooperate with the administration, faculty, and students in the establishment of the library as an integral part of the total education program.
  7. To assist the administration in developing good public relations through pleasant and friendly contacts with students, faculty, staff, and people of the community.

General Guidelines

For Students:

  1. No ID, No Entry policy.
  1. Upon entering the library the students shall leave their bag/s at the baggage counter.

Note: Bring valuable belongings; the library will not be liable for whatever loses.

  1. Library card is required in borrowing, both print and non-printed materials.
  1. Mispresentation by showing someone else’s Library Card is a minor offense.

For Faculty:

  1. New faculty members are required to secure a subject load from the Department heads before they can avail of the library services.