Friendly Reminders from GVC-Supreme Student Government

Good morning Leaders!

We are all affected by the crisis brought by COVID 19 pandemic.

We have refrained from going to our school to follow the safety measures ordered by the authorities. Since it is lifted, students aged 21 above are allowed to enter our school to check/inquire about personal documents and/or request for their credentials.

As mandated by our Local Government, upon entering our school premises, please observe safety precautions.

For student of Green Valley College:

  • Wear your Face Mask for protection
  • Present your Green Valley School ID as proof
  • Present Quarantine Pass To those students under the age of 21 who are not yet advised to come can request a parent or older siblings to come and check personal records.

For Parents/Guardians/Visitors:

  • Wearing of Face Mask
  • Present Quarantine Pass Your safety is our concern.

Stay at home, Stay safe.

Thank you!